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Below are the answers to frequently asked questions relating to our services.

What does the process of preparing a presentation look like?
  1. Understanding our client’s expectations:
    1. What is your idea for the presentation?
    2. Who is the presentation aimed at?
    3. The purpose of your presentation. What do you intend to be the outcome of your presentation?
    4. Providing any existing materials for the presentation (if available).
  2. Development of the presentation content.
    Putting together a structural framework of the presentation.

  3. The design of business presentation slides (presentation templates).
    At this point you will be able to see the first draft to give you an idea of the finished product. We will present you with three sample slides using the design of our choice.

  4. The graphic design of the slides.
    1. Sketching out the design ideas for the slide show.
    2. Interpretation and presentation of numerical data.
    3. Selection and assembly of the graphic materials.
    4. Creating the headers’ content.
  5. Finishing touches
    1. Comments and alterations from the client and a final version of the presentation.
    2. Alterations and finishing touches.
    3. Publishing of the presentation/video.
How long does it take to make a presentation?

It takes 30 minutes to several hours to make one page (slide) of the presentation, depending on the complexity of the design.

Presentation storyboard: 2 days.
Business presentation template: 2 days.
Standard 15 slide presentation: 2 – 4 days.
Video presentation: 4 days – 2 weeks.

The overall completion timeframe will depend on the client approval process.

What material will I need to provide?

Your content:
– If you have an idea for your presentation, please send us your script. It is best for the script to contain the exact content you wish to be included in each slide.
– If you require us to write your presentation script we will create it for you from start to finish. All you need to do is provide your comments and final approval.

Your graphics materials:
– business photographs, leaflets, folders etc.
– any existing presentations and promotional videos,
– corporate identity designs (logotypes, logograms etc.)
– any other materials that will allow us to better understand your needs.

What if I don’t have any materials or if the ones I have are not suitable?
  • Provide your requirements for the graphic design of the presentation..
  • This is to find out about your preference in photographic design.
    If you have no preference – we will suggest the graphics and photography.

  • Let us know your special effects requirements.
  • Examples of special effects:
    – unique slide animation,
    – creating a slide sequence with transition,
    – describe your ideas for slide animations, such as maps requiring location pop-ups, entrance and exit animation effects, slide sequence with transitions or perhaps some other interesting animations you have come across and would like to use in your presentation.

    There are no limitations when it comes to special effects – they depend entirely on our ingenuity.
    — All slides we make are animated. —

  • Provide us with your requirements for the presentation.
  • A presentation should support you – it should reflect your personality and build your image. If you have a favourite colour, theme or design that you can relate to please send us a link or provide a short description.

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